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FIR Podcast #109: CEOs Torturing English

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Neville Hobson joined Shel Holtz for the October edition of the monthly Hobson & Holtz Report. This month’s topics:

  • Neville and Shel at RunnymedeThree distinguished PhDs propose a Magna Carta for Artificial Intelligence. Too soon? (The image at right is of Shel and Neville in 2014 visiting Runnymede, where the Magna Carta was signed.)
  • Research establishes a connection between CEOs who mangle English during analyst calls and falling share prices.
  • What can PR agencies and associations do to build a reputation of trust in the wake of the Bell Pottinger scandal?
  • New data points reinforce the importance of… Read More »

Friday Wrap #235: Adieu, AIM; Dove and Zuck are both sorry; swipe to vote your proxy, and more

Friday Wrap #235I extract items for the Wrap from my link blog, which you’re welcome to follow. To make sure you never miss an issue, subscribe to my weekly email briefing.


AOL is shutting down Instant Messenger—Two decades ago, it revolutionized online communication: You could actually chat with someone else without using email. Twenty years later, AOL is permanently closing AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). The takeaway: The mourning of AIM’s passing is mostly nostalgic, but you have to wonder why AOL didn’t evolve the tool as it became clear that messaging would come to dominate mobile communication. It could have been Messenger or Snapchat… Read More »

FIR Podcast #108: Communicators’ Steep Technology Adoption Curve

For Immediate Release

Cross-posted from the FIR Podcast Network.

Kami Huyse and Lee Odden joined host Shel Holtz for conversations about these topics:

  • The challenges of fake news and trolling during a crisis
  • The financial firm behind the “Fearless Girl” Wall Street sculpture will pay $5 million for allegedly underpaying women and minorities
  • Cause marketing is on advertisers’ minds as new research reveals the rise of the belief-driven buyer
  • Research finds communicators are slow to adopt new technology (and still mostly rely on email to communicate)
  • Business blogging leads to more website visitors (and other good outcomes)
  • Dan York reports… Read More »